Chesapeake Division 7-11 Franchise Owners Association (FOA) is a professional association representing 7-11 franchise owners across Chesapeake Division. This site is intended to provide information and assistance to our members, but we welcome all visitors who wish to learn more about our organization.


Why join Chesapeake Division 7-11 FOA?

Chesapeake Division 7-11 FOA's main objective is to protect the rights of our members. We will be working to help each and every member to make their business successful. Members meeting together to share ideas and discuss issue that will improve our stores. We work for our members to bring vendors products and services to our members.

The strength of a unified association is greater then any one store by itself.



The Chesapeake Division Franchise Owners Association is committed to a shared vision of growth and unity. The Association strives to resolve issues and improve business and sales targets.